Can I skip the padding in my carpet installation?

Can I skip the padding in my carpet installation?

We understand that budgets can be tight when you need a new floor covering, especially for a carpet flooring installation. However, we strongly urge you to be sure and include a sound underpadding for a variety of reasons.

Flooring installation is an essential service

A quality flooring installation is the last of many steps ensuring your best flooring. It’s a great way to make sure your warranty is never voided and gives you excellent results you’ll enjoy for years to come.

When it comes to putting carpet flooring in place, there are many steps involved in creating the spectacular results you expect. It starts with the perfect measurements, laying the carpet, and connecting the seams, all of which require special tools and an experienced hand.

Before the carpet is placed, however, an underpadding needs to be added. This underpadding is responsible for extra comfort and softness underfoot, but that’s certainly not its only job.

A quality underpadding is necessary underneath your carpet, especially if it’s a high-quality carpet. It ensures that you will not experience bunching, balding, or excessive, premature wear in areas where foot traffic is the heaviest.

If you’d like a detailed explanation of your specific flooring installation, we’ll walk you through it, step by step, after you choose your particular floor covering. We have answers to all your most pressing questions, so visit us today.

Let us provide an outstanding flooring installation

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